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Who we are

Founded in 2013, Doctolib is the fastest growing and one of the leading e-health services in Europe.

For healthcare professionals
We provide healthcare professionals with a software solution with a full range of services to help improve the efficiency of their operations, provide their patients with a more seamless experience, attract new patients, and collaborate with other practitioners.

For patients
We provide patients with a more transparent access to healthcare and a full suite of online services to manage their health: from finding nearby healthcare professionals, to booking/managing appointments 24/7 online, having remote medical consultations via video and receiving a digital prescription in their online account.

Key figures

You will enjoy working at Doctolib as a senior full stack product developer building ehealth products used by millions of Europeans every day. You will make technical decisions that help us build user first, test driven products that are secure, reliable and pragmatically engineered. We do daily deployments on a CI pipeline with 13K+ tests.

Everything runs on Ruby on Rails, backed by PostgreSQL and Redis. Front side, we bet on React even for our Mobile apps.  Of course, we can make exceptions when we need to and ensure that everything we build is robust and scalable. We hire in a software agnostic manner and are happy to mentor and help you to learn our stack.

Changing healthcare is not easy, we face huge challenges everyday. Things like keeping our application and platform hyper-secure, providing customer data with a high level of privacy and confidentiality, zero downtime to ensure millions of patients trust us and integrating with hundreds of thousands of doctors and hospitals booking systems so patients can access the healthcare they need at any time. 

As a senior, you will be a great team player and lead and mentor your colleagues on all aspects of how the product is evolving. You will be a role model, bring solutions to the table and challenge every aspect of how we are building the future of healthcare. 

We are a growing team of 70 developers based in Berlin and Paris. We are organised in autonomous feature teams. Each team has one engineering manager, several senior developers and 3 or 4 mid weight engineers. You will travel between offices, go to conferences, contribute to open source, interview future colleagues. We want you to help us build an amazing team and a brilliant company.

Here at Doctolib, we all share the same obsession: provide the best experience for the users of our products and change the way people access healthcare.

Our 6 Doctolib Pillars "SCALES": 

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