Applications Developer (Manager)

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A2 FEDERAL INC - Reston, VA 20190

A2 Federal, Inc is seeking an Applications Developer (Manager) to lead a team that will develop and implement the Sponsor’s collection requirements on Sponsor-provided technical collection infrastructure according to the Sponsor’s collection guidelines and authorities. All team members shall execute web scraping, data conditioning, and system configuration efforts. The team will be very involved in the transition from a decentralized approach of requirements management to a standard, centralized approach through the development of new Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that ensure requirements are properly initiated, documented, evaluated, prioritized and executed. The team shall also document lessons learned, best practices, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and may also be asked to tutor and/or train staff and other team members to carry out similar work according to the SOPs.

The team shall operate and maintain the Sponsor’s technical collection capabilities once validated, developed, and deployed. The team shall also be responsible for collaborating with the enterprise infrastructure and substantive teams maintaining the collection infrastructure to ensure that the network and tools are optimized for collection and to express new requirements for infrastructure.

Work Requirement:

The Applications Developer must possess a TS/SCI clearance and shall be responsible for working with one or more identified groups to:

o Perform end-to-end quality assurance of data feeds and data sets

o Operate configuration-based web scrapers

o Train users to configure web scrapers

o Troubleshoot problems with web scrapers

o Identify and document areas for improvement in workflows or systems

o Attend regular stand-up meetings

o Provide input to code reviews

o Cross-train on existing collection tools

The Contractor team shall also support related infrastructure and application development initiatives, including but not limited to:

o Monitoring, alerting, and reporting out (e.g. dashboards)

o Supporting new use cases

The Contractor team shall be able to perform all of the tasks listed above and shall also create, maintain, and/or enhance systems in support of web scraping, including but not limited to:

o Enhancing existing systems to support new data pipelines

o Expose new collection capabilities in a configuration-based way

o Create or improve custom collection scripts (written in Python)

o Create or improve scripts leveraging APIs for collection needs

o Automating data clean-up and conditioning of collected data

o Automating data management and dissemination steps

The Contractor Team shall use code to manage infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS) used for collection platforms including, but not limited to:

o Manage DevOps environments

The Contractor shall be responsible for working with a team of web-scraping bot and application developers to:

o Manage requirements

o Manage agile sprints, user stories, backlogs, and tech team rhythms

The Contractor team will be dispersed across multiple locations and work with multiple organizations (companies/contracts) consisting of junior and senior skillsets.

The Contractor team shall have the following required skills and demonstrated experience:

o Demonstrated experience with HTML, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Regular Expressions, JSON, and APIs

o Demonstrated experience with a standard programming language (Python, Java, Go, Node.JS)

o Demonstrated ability to communicate technical information to non-technical audiences

(Development Operations – DevOps)

o Demonstrated experience writing cloud-based infrastructure deployment scripts incorporating AWS, specifically but not limited to using CloudFormation

o Demonstrated expertise administering AWS resources, including compute, storage, and network design and management

o Working knowledge of Chef, Puppet, and/or Ansible

o Demonstrated experience managing IT networks, including routes, firewalls, and gateways

o Ability to work with application developers to identify and implement infrastructure and deployment requirements

o Demonstrated ability to manage Agile workflows across a geographically dispersed team

Other demonstrated experiences which are highly desired, though not required, include:

o Demonstrated experience deploying systems onto Amazon Web Services, especially using S3, Lambda

o Demonstrated experience with other (non-AWS) cloud services (e.g. Azure, Google Cloud, etc.)

o Demonstrated experience using automated testing frameworks

o Demonstrated experience with automated deployment tools e.g., Jenkins, Docker, CloudFormation

o Familiarity with web-based collection platforms and data flow quality assurance

(Development Operations – DevOps)

o Certified AWS DevOps Engineer or AWS SysOps Administrator

o Experience with Kubernetes, OpenShift, and/or Docker Swarm

o Experience using (writing queries for) SQL and NoSQL databases

o Linux and/or Windows-specific network setup configurations

o Experience with Jenkins including writing jobs with validation of successful (or not) deployments

o Certified Scrum Master