Senior Developer (Leadership Opportunity) at Fund That Flip (New York, NY)

15d - StackOverflow
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Technology at Fund that Flip

We build software that our customers and employees use every day to accomplish their work with increasing efficiency. We create tools that empower our borrowers and lenders with increased efficiency, competitive advantages and complete transparency.  We are also building internal tools that enable our team to produce more business with less manual labor, creating a better day-to-day experience for our teammates. These tools help us operate the business faster at scale and with less paperwork, helping to maximize enterprise value.  

We produce a visible and continuous flow of work by utilizing latest practice in process, continuous deployment and automated testing.  We strive towards constant improvement with weekly retros and an open and transparent environment. .

We believe that empowering personal ownership of outcomes is the most motivating factor.  We also believe in team ownership of company outcomes. We value self-directed learning as well as team learning.

We use open source tools like Rails 6 and React v16+ to build elegant software that our customers and employees use every day.  We use automated testing and deployment, continuous improvement and common practice coding standards.

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