Backend Software Developer

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Diamond Foundry - Los Angeles, CA
Diamond Foundry Inc. is one of fastest growing, profitable technology startups. Creating the future of diamonds for jewelry and semiconductor applications, we use proprietary plasma reactor technology to produce high-quality diamond without carbon footprint and sell diamond jewelry online via our VRAI direct-to-consumer brand.

Diamond Foundry is seeking an experienced backend developer to maintain and support the products at and

Experience is required in Ruby on Rails or Node.js.

Diamond Foundry maintains a strong focus on ethics in operations and in employees. We want developers who work well with others and understand the importance of kindness in the workplace. We want developers who care about the environment and sustainability.

At Diamond Foundry, you will work within a medium sized remote software development team collaboratively to develop and maintain backend services, APIs, and middleware. You will work in a team oriented environment utilizing Slack, JIRA, and git to coordinate and collaborate with the team.


  • Maintain and extend the existing Diamond Foundry API using Ruby on Rails
  • Finding new ways to streamline the Next.js/Node.js backend for an ecommerce website
  • Maintain, develop and contribute to existing and new middleware for business processes
  • Maintain lambdas, digital assets, and related code on AWS
  • Integrate with databases, cache services, and data warehouses
  • Integrate with 3rd party API’s, services, and ERP systems such as NetSuite
  • Contribute to architectural discussions, systems design, and technical roadmap of existing and new projects
  • Use git for source and version control
  • Write automated tests (unit tests, integration tests etc)
  • Deploy code using continuous integration
  • Debugging issues with AWS and Heroku infrastructure


  • BS in Computer Science or related
  • 3 + years of coding and development experience in architecting/managing systems
  • Experience with Ruby on Rails (RoR), Next.js, Node.js, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, REST APIs
  • Experience with Golang, Docker, BigQuery, Redis, AWS, Heroku
  • Passion for creating clean, maintainable codeUpholds best practices in engineering, security, and design
  • Self-motivated and highly collaborative
We are rapidly expanding and are hiring for positions in:
San Francisco, CA - technology
Los Angeles, CA - ecommerce
Wenatchee, WA – foundry
Shanghai, CN - ecommerce